Meet the Author

John S. Weiss – Short Biography

John and Phoebe

In a nutshell, I was born in New York City. At the age of four, my family moved to Purchase, a bucolic suburb about 30 miles North of Manhattan. It was a magical place to grow up.

After high school, I went out to Tucson, Arizona to attend the University of Arizona where I graduated with a degree in Journalism. While I was out there, my family moved back to the city after having lost our home to eminent domain. Upon my return, I joined an advertising agency, and began a successful career that spanned many many years. In addition to being an award-winning copywriter, I developed marketing skills that led to my becoming an independent consultant.

In my spare time, I dabbled as a toy inventor and developed two product lines that met with tremendous success. Then, after a long bout with cancer, my life went from the relatively ordinary to the extraordinary when I had the afterlife experiences I describe in my book. Today, I still reside in NYC, and I have a wife, two great kids, and the cutest dog in the world.

(I deeply regret to inform you that our beloved dog, Phoebe, suddenly passed away on December 15, 2013. She was only eight years old and, seemingly, in perfect health. Phoebe will be sorely missed, and we’ll remember every cherished moment of her life forever.)

I’m excited to share my book with you…

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