Proof of Survival: A Skeptic’s Afterlife Education

By John S. Weiss –

Is there another world beyond our waking world? Life after death?

Once upon a time, the word “impossible” was deeply ingrained in my vocabulary. It was my word of choice when confronted by nearly anything that defied common logic. ESP? Impossible! Remote Viewing? Impossible! A conscious – let alone intelligent – universe? Freakin’ impossible! Benign spirits that exude kindness and compassion? Unquestionably impossible!


Now, I approach the word “impossible” with extreme hesitation accompanied by a little shake of my head and a slight giggle. I know that word is corrupt. I know it is limiting. I know how dismissive it is of the unknown. I know because I was smacked over the head with new ideas, new truths, new beliefs, and new insights that my former self would have laughed about until it hurt.

My life has been rudely separated into two parts: the me who existed 62 years before my Afterlife awakening, and the new me who has a whole new perspective on practically everything.

Life is a wonderful and mysterious experience, indeed. Now, multiply that by a thousand and you begin to scratch the surface of what awaits us all in the afterlife.

Many of you already know this. Many suspect this. But many think it’s a load of hogwash. As you are now aware, that’s the category I firmly belonged to before I was unwillingly yanked into the most profound experience of my life.

Life After Death?

I don’t even know how to begin to describe this journey without going into a zillion details. So I’ll just reveal a few of the countless things I learned. If you’re wondering if I entered the afterlife via an NDE, the answer is no. All I did was get very tired reading a book about Iwo Jima and then, as was my nightly ritual, deeply meditate myself to sleep.


The following day, while savoring a large cup of robust coffee, I began to recall an impossibly realistic dream I had about being involved in mortal combat on Iwo and meeting a very affable soldier sharing a crater with me. Holding our heads low, we heard a cacophony of enormous explosions, bullets buzzing by, men screaming and crying, and the distant lapping of a gentle tide. There were also the vivid smells of total war: Burning flesh, cordite, red hot metal and so much more. My eyes were stinging and tearing. But it was just a dream. An all too mind-numbing dream. So I thought. The next night, after my peaceful meditation, I found myself back in the same spot with the same soldier, Lyle, talking to me. Telling me I wasn’t really dreaming. Yeah, right!

Well, that was the beginning of a whole series of dreams that can be described as bizarre, fascinating, mind-blowing, frightening, and thoroughly life changing. As you can imagine, I first thought there was something seriously wrong with my mind or that someone had slipped some hallucinogenic substance into my toothpaste or mouthwash. Instead of thinking meditation, I began thinking medication.  I mean, having a spirit and his charming spectral girlfriend giving me a tour of this marvelous dimension is mighty hard to swallow.

But when Lyle showed me absolute proof that I wasn’t having a series of weird, yet normal, dreams, I felt as though I had been hit by a bolt of lightning. Me? Asleep? In the Afterlife? Once I accepted this (impossible) new reality, I became the perfect student and learned incredible things about a wide range of topics that turned my head inside out.

For example, when you die and all electrical activity ceases in your brain, an infinitesimally small bundle of four fundamental particles is released and channels its way into the afterlife dimension. This particle bundle, which is held together by an enormously strong force, retains all your memories from slightly before birth.


The Key to the Afterlife is Memory

But memory unlike anything you can possibly imagine. Encompassing all your senses, these memories are vividly photographic and are immediately accessible to all the other particle bundles in the afterlife. That’s right. All memories are shared and passed down through centuries. And I mean ALL memories from people like Homer, Einstein, Genghis Khan, Cleopatra, Elvis and even Hitler. Hitler? Yeah, the Afterlife is neither Heaven nor Hell. There’s nothing remotely religious about it.

Once I was taught all about these bundles, including the physical properties of this dimension, I began to learn all about the human brain and how it’s programmed from birth to actually inhibit our capabilities. While we are alive, our brains restrict the powerful potential of particle bundles otherwise we would not have a civilization. Everyone would be an utter genius. We’d see in all wavelengths. We’d hear all decibel levels. We’d have super sensitive taste, smell and touch. We’d be connected mentally to everyone alive as well as anyone who had passed away. We’d be beings far too preoccupied to create the cultures we have today.

What Do Savants Have to Do With the Afterlife?

On the flip side, our civilization is as advanced as it is in the arts, science, engineering, politics…etc. because many people have slightly to grossly dysfunctional brains. What? Sound nuts? Well, think about this. Brain dysfunctions, from minor to major, allow many particle bundle capabilities to be utilized. And how do doctors classify these individuals? They’re called savants. And mild savants like Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Michelangelo, Beethoven and countless others, have used their brilliance to shape our world. Without these savants, the world would be dull, indeed. At the other extreme, seriously incapacitated savants like Rainman, have extraordinary, mind-boggling talents that baffle the minds of everyone.


Night after night, as I visited this fascinating dimension, all my questions about anything and everything were answered. I’ve always been a devout atheist, but what I was told about Jesus, as well as the possibility of a universal intelligence, made me seriously question my beliefs. Was I brainwashed? Yes, but gently. They wanted me to know that life is not just a scientific miracle due to chance and coincidence, but a reality thanks to a creator.

And, What About Angels?

No, this creator is not some guy in a white robe surrounded by angels who answers our prayers. This he/she entity is a creative force that permeates the past, present, and future. These are just my spectral friends’ beliefs. So don’t worry, all beliefs and faiths abound. If you’re expecting angels, halos, and diaphanous spirits playing harps, that’s just what you may see. The Afterlife is everything to everyone.

During all of my initial dreams, I kept telling Lyle that this was all a bunch of crap – just some very outlandish dreaming and that he was simply a figment of my imagination. I wanted to wake up with a leaf, a pebble, or a flake of bark in my hand that would prove to me that something had actually happened. He reiterated that everything I was experiencing were old and new memories and that they weren’t solid matter. However, he did have a scheme up his imaginary sleeve.


Proof Positive

He said he would take me from his dimension into mine, and find something solid that would substitute as proof. So, the next evening, while I was firmly asleep, he took me to a place on Manhattan’s upper East Side, and, together, we found a pile of broken red plastic from a tail light in the gutter, and a small paper sign taped to a nearby light pole advertising a dog walker. He told me to return to this spot early the next morning, and if some of this stuff was there, I’d have a semblance of proof.

Of course, I ran up there the next morning, and all the stuff was there in nearly the same form as I had seen it. I was so excited, and nervous, that I could hardly breathe…

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