What Happens in the Afterlife?

By John S. Weiss –


Life is a wonderful and mysterious experience, indeed. Now, multiply that by a thousand and you begin to scratch the surface of what awaits us all in the Afterlife.

Many of you already know this. Many suspect this. But, many think it’s a load of hogwash. That’s the category I firmly belonged to before I was unwillingly yanked into the most profound experience of my life. I don’t even know how to begin to describe this journey without going into a zillion details.

Was It A Near Dear Experience (NDE)?

So, I’ll just reveal a few of the countless things I learned. If you’re wondering if I entered the Afterlife via an NDE, the answer is no. All I did was get very tired reading a book about Iwo Jima and then deeply meditate myself to sleep. The following day, I began to recall an impossibly realistic dream I had about being involved in mortal combat and meeting a very affable soldier sharing a crater with me. But it was just a dream. So I thought…

The next night, after my usual meditation ritual, I found myself back in the same spot with the same soldier, Lyle, talking to me. Well, that was the beginning of a whole series of dreams that can be described as bizarre, fascinating, mind-blowing, frightening, and thoroughly life changing. As you can imagine, I first thought there was something seriously wrong with my mind or that someone had slipped some hallucinogenic substance into my toothpaste or something.

I mean, having a spirit and his charming spectral girlfriend giving me a tour of this marvelous dimension is mighty hard to swallow. But when Lyle showed me absolute proof that I wasn’t having a series of weird dreams, I felt as though I had been hit by a bolt of lightning. I became the perfect student and learned things that turned my head inside out.


Here are a few things that may whet your appetite…

When you die and all electrical activity ceases in your brain, an infinitesimally small bundle of four particles is released and channels its way into the afterlife dimension. This particle bundle, which is held together by an enormously strong force, retains all your memories from slightly before birth. Encompassing all your senses, these memories are vividly photographic and are immediately accessible to all the other particle bundles in the afterlife. Sound strange? It gets even stranger!

Once I was taught all about these bundles, including the physical properties of this dimension, I began to learn all about the human brain and how it is programmed from birth to actually inhibit our capabilities. Night after night, as I visited this fascinating place, all my questions about anything and everything were answered. I’ve always been a devout atheist, but what I was told about Jesus, as well as the possibility of a universal intelligence, made me seriously question my own beliefs.

I can honestly say that Lyle and his girlfriend Betty are wonderful, understanding, patient teachers who showed me the other side of life. It’s just very complex, basic science that allows life to go on. It’s perfectly natural, and, one way or the other, we all get there.

P.S. More on Lyle and Betty’s relationship later…

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